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রেড+ স্টিয়ারিং কমিটি



Background: Following initial stakeholder consultations in late 2010, the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) created the inter-ministry REDD+ Steering Committee (REDD+ SC) in July 2011, which was tasked with overall coordination of REDD+ activities in Bangladesh and, specifically, with development of the Bangladesh REDD+ Roadmap. The REDD+ SC’s initial mandate was for an indefinite period.


Composition: The REDD+ SC is primarily composed of technical officials. It is chaired by the Secretary of the MoEF and includes representatives from several other offices within the MoEF and other government departments. Due to the importance of cross-sectoral collaboration for REDD+ readiness, the REDD+ SC includes representation of a number of different government agencies, including Ministries and Land and Agriculture, SPARRSO and the Hill Council of the CHT. Civil society representatives on the REDD+ SC include the Bangladesh Institute for Development Studies (BIDS) and the Centre for Participatory Research and Development (CPRD). The head of the REDD Cell performs the function of Secretary to the REDD+ SC membership. The REDD+ SC meets on an ad hoc basis and provides management and coordinating advice to the REDD Cell.


Terms of Reference (TOR):  

  • Provide overall management guidance on programme activities and enhance stakeholder and institutional consensus building.
  • Provide guidance for the formulation of National REDD+ strategy, from Roadmap to Readiness and Implementation.
  • Approval of strategic decisions and activities relating to the development and implementation of a national REDD+ Programme
  • Enhance inter-agency and inter-sectoral coordination, effective partnership between implementing agencies and an overall collaborative approach to REDD+ programme activities.